About Pao Hua Buddhist Temple
Pao Hua Buddhist Temple is located in San Jose California. The Temple was founded by Master Ling-Chun in 1976.
“Pao-Hua” in Chinese literally means the Temple nourishes the blooming of the Lotus of Buddhism. Since the opening of the temple in 1988, it has become a new venue for the local communities to learn about Buddha and his teachings, and also as an important cultural center to sharing and understanding the differences between western and eastern cultures.

History of Temple
In 1976, the founder, Master Ling-Chun migrated from Hong Kong to New York and then California. In 1980, he started Pao-Hua Temple, in a three-bedroom house located in downtown San Jose, California. In 1984, he bought a piece of land in San Jose, which is now 2946 McKee Road, and built two small temporary buildings, one for worship and the other for residence while building the main hall and the rest of the temple. In 1988, after four long years of hard work from volunteers and professional construction workers, Pao-Hua Temple announced its grand opening celebration. Nun Chi-Fa, the current Buddhist master, has managed Pao-Hua since 1999 after Master Ling-Chun’s spirit left the Haba world and be with Buddha Amitaba. Nun Chi-Fa is following the path of Master Ling-Chun.

The objective of Buddha’s Teachings
The statues of Buddha in the temple are regarded as symbols of harmony, prosperity, compassion, equanimity and serve as a reminder that every human being can achieve the same enlightenment, which Buddha has achieved. Buddha’s teachings as important to bring people to have a clearer vision and understand the purpose of life, and the true reasons behind happiness and suffering. With the belief that all beings are one and the same in nature, the Buddhist community strives for world brotherhood and peace with the highest standards of selfless morals and inner peacefulness. And to the benefit all, that we might learn the ways to cultivate the wisdom to clearly understand the true nature of all things